African Photography Network is growing

Within the last month 8 new photographers have joined African Photography Network, which means that the network now has reached 18 members. At Commerce & Culture we are very happy to see how the network is expanding and to have such a large variety of photographers from all over the continent.

Our newest member is Namsa Leuba. Over the last three years, she has focused on the African identity through the Western eyes. 

 Photo of woman standing by the sea on cliffs, taken by photographer Namsa Leuba, who is part of African Photography Network. 

The network also has the pleasure of having Omar Victor Diop as a member. Diop is from Senegal and for him photography is a way of capturing the diversity of modern African lifestyles and societies.

 Photo of woman sitting among loads of coloured patterns, taken by photographer Omar Victor Diop, who is part of African Photography Network. 
I am indeed very happy to join this African Photography Network for it will definitely become a reference point and an avenue to promote new portfolios and visions across the continent. On the internet, there is a long list of websites, blogs and portals dedicated to African Contemporary Arts, but very few of them are this much focused on photography.
— Omar Victor Diop

Until the website is up and running, and ready to be launched, you can go in on African Photography Network’s Facebook page here and see works by the current members, plus be updated when more photographers join.