Creating a new platform for photography in Afghanistan

The present workshop in Kabul with New York Times staff photographer Jan Grarup marks the first step towards the creation of a new online resource for Afghan photography. By uniting and showcasing photographers, agencies and institutions it will seek to raise awareness of what is happening in the field of photography in Afghanistan. Together with C&C several Afghan photo agencies and leading independent Afghan photographers are involved in the preparations.The name of this upcoming online resource is soon to be revealed. The online resource is supported by Danish Center for Culture and Development and the Embassy of Denmark, Afghanistan.

 Jan Grarup photographing with two out of the 25 photographers participating in Commerce and Culture's workshop in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

Jan Grarup working alongside Afghan photographers from the workshop. Being able to see how Grarup frames the world around him is a great source of inspiration for the young photojournalists. The location is a place in the outskirts of Kabul where huge amounts of seized drugs are burned by Afghan police.