Exhibiton at Rencontres de Bamako 2011

Today marks the opening of our exhibition made in collaboration with CFP-Bamako at the largest photo festival in Africa, the bi-annual Rencontres de Bamako. The exhibition Smile shows some of the best pictures from the Commerce & Culture Stock Program. The exhibition seeks to promote a positive image of Africa.

Most pictures from Africa are editorial by nature, made for newspapers and magazines. Because these pictures solely focus on creating stories that have a news value, pictures of famine and hunger, warfare and disasters are prevalent. While such pictures naturally have relevance the overall impression they create is a somewhat one-dimensional image of life in Africa.
The exhibition Smile as well as the Stock Program in general is about changing this image, providing the world with new and never before seen content with scenes from daily life in Africa. Happiness, togetherness and friendship are in focus. Inspiration is found in a variety of subjects from immediate joy at the football field to IT technology such as mobile phones and laptops, which are changing everyday life in Africa so quickly these years.

You can meet us at the opening at CFP-Bamako tonight. Commerce & Culture will be present at the Rencontres de Bamako from the 30th of October to the 9th of November, extending our network to curators and photographers throughout the African continent.

 The billboard advert for the photo festival Rencontres de Bamako. Commerce and Culture, together with their partners CFP, created an exhibition for the festival.