Now 340 pictures online

We are happy to announce that during this fall a combined effort from our partners, Cadre de Promotion pour la Formation en Photographie and Getty Images, has made it possible to get a total of 340 rights managed pictures online.

The total number of rights managed pictures on the Commerce & Culture Stock account at Getty Images is now 340 and we are looking forward to monitor the sale from the account in the coming months. This upload represents a great step towards sustainability and with more then 120 additional pictures in the pipeline the Commerce & Culture Stock Program is set to build up great momentum by the end of 2012.

The profit Commerce & Culture receives from the sale goes uncut to the participating local school who offers the program. The school then splits the profit 50/50 with the photographer who have created the image. The aim of this is to make the local school self-sustainable and at the same time provide an income for the students.

If you wish to learn more about the Commerce & Culture Stock Program please click here.

To view the images for sale through our account at Getty Images please click here.

 Photo of boy smiling while he is holding a football, is taken by Aboubacar Traore, who is part of Commerce and Culture's stock program.