Featured Project: Stock Program

The Commerce & Culture Stock Program connects participating photographers to the global market through our exclusive partnership with Getty Images.


In collaboration with a wide array of international partners Commerce & Culture focuses on designing sustainable projects that revolves around photography and are designed to enhance income generation, promotion and deliver quality education.


Africa Reframed

Ongoing project - Initiated 2015.

Africa Reframed is a multi­-platform project that aims to create a unique informative window into the world of a creative and ambitious Africa.

Focusing on the high quality of creative outputs coming from the African it will present a broad scope of artistic voices and visual expressions within photography and offer its audience a way to better understand and familiarise themselves with the incredible diversity of contemporary Africa. launched the 18th June 2016 with an exhibition in Copenhagen,  Africa Reframed will be extended with an online platform during 2018. 


Afghan Photography Network

Ongoing project - initiated 2012.

Professionel organisation for Afghan photographers

 Afghan Photography Network was established in 2012 to support a professionalisation of Afghan photography. The network successfully connects Afghan photographers with international clients, and its members contribute to educational workshops across Afghanistan. APN is developed with main partner 3rd Eye Photojournalism Centre, Afghanistan and is supported by Danish Centre for Culture and Development and the Embassy of Denmark, Afghanistan.


African Photography Network

Ongoing project - initiated 2013.

Promotional network for African photographers

African Photography Network is an online resource for contemporary African photography. By uniting and showcasing photographers it raises awareness of what is happening in the field of photography in Africa, and offers an opportunity for photograhers and clients to find each other and engage in new collaborations.



Workshop activities are ongoing 

Commerce & Culture is experienced in offering photography workshops to a wide range of partners. Previously we have had the opportunity to work with talented photographers in countries like Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Mali, and Kenya. The workshops cover topics in editorial and commercial photography through which we strive to equip photographers to tap into the many opportunities of the global photography market.