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Africa Reframed will launch with multiple collections of curated and fully released visual content. All exclusively available for download on the Africa Reframed platform. We see imagery as a powerful tool to raise awareness and change perceptions. You will discover that our collections are composed of authentic and captivating high-end imagery with a strong focus on the SDGs and support of our mission.

Samples from the Curated Collection   Girl Power

Samples from the Curated Collection

Girl Power

Samples from the Curated Collection   Education

Samples from the Curated Collection


Samples from the Curated Collection   Togetherness

Samples from the Curated Collection




We are building a strong community of contributors. Since 2015 we have collaborated with photographers from Sub-Saharan Africa to create new visual storytelling and build our initial inventory. At launch we will be able to offer global companies and institutions access to this unique and authentic content. For every image sold the contributor receives 50% in royalties, the highest in the industry. As a mission-driven company the majority of Africa Reframed profits will be reinvested in workshops and contributor development.

Workshop Bamako, Mali

Workshop Bamako, Mali

Workshop Nairobi, Kenya

Workshop Nairobi, Kenya

Workshop Banjul, Gambia

Workshop Banjul, Gambia

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Most of imagery we encounter from the African continent tends to either depict the beautiful scenery and wildlife or scenes of poverty, war and desperation. While these certainly are bona fide aspects and challenges, Africa is also a continent characterised by immense growth, varied opportunities and not in the least, change.

The mission of Africa Reframed is to capture and contribute to the spurring of this change by a visual reframing of the continent. A reframing that promotes gender equality and reflects African enterprise, innovation and everyday life. Africa Reframed exist to create and promote this new imagery in the belief that by changing the visuals, we can help change the conversation.


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To generate revenue to our contributors and scale our operations in a meaningful way it is essential that Africa Reframed grows its customer and partnership base ahead of our launch later this year. If you work in a Organization or Company that could be interested in sourcing visual content from our platform, support our workshops, or have ideas to how we could collaborate - please sign up below and we will get in touch. Early customers and partners will get prioritised access and will have a decisive impact on our workshop activities and content development.

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The start-up Africa Reframed is incorporated as an independent company, but being a Commerce & Culture initiative it is build on a decade of experience in creating projects that change perceptions and accelerates social change. Since 2010 we have created sustainable programs that have connected local photographers from Sub-Saharan Africa to the Global market. Of particular relevance for Africa Reframed are our project African Photography Network and the know-how gained from our work with educational programs and workshops.

When the United Nations In 2015 was launching the SDGs with Project Everyone, they did so with a campaign to share the global goals with 7 billion people in 7 days. This happened via global broadcasts, outdoor advertising campaigns, cinema ads, mobile partnerships and more. Images from our programme were among the officially chosen for the campaign and were singled out by the campaign team in press releases as "good education and economic growth in action".


Africa Reframed foundation: African Photography Network


African Photography Network

Project Components: Traveling Exhibition, Online Network, Events

Geographical Scope: Activities in Mali, The Gambia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, France, Denmark


Africa Reframed foundation: Education and Workshops


Commerce & Culture Education and Workshops

Project Components: Educational Programme, Workshops, Collaborations, Capacity Building

Geographical Scope: Activities in Mali, The Gambia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, France, Denmark