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Project: Commerce & Culture Education and Workshops
Project Components: Educational Programs, Workshops, Collaborations.
Geographical Scope: Activities in Mali, The Gambia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, France, Denmark

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The Commerce & Culture Stock Program


In 2010 Commerce & Culture launched the Stock Program in Mali, introducing a new kind of partnership connecting international development aid, local education, and world-leading global business. Initiated with funding from the Embassy of Denmark in Mali and the Danish Centre for Culture and Development, the Stock Program is offered as a 2 year educational program for photographers at the Malian photography school CFP Bamako.

The Commerce & Culture Stock Program train the participating photographers in creating imagery that reflects today’s cultural and stylistic trends, and address the needs of the current global image marketplace. As students quickly improve their skills they are given opportunity to upload their images to the Getty Images archive and make sales to advertisement and communication agencies worldwide already while in training.


Meet participating photographer Massaran Diankoumba

I joined the stock program because it is a great way for photographers to get promoted. There are so many photographers in Mali, especially here in Bamako, and it’s difficult to get noticed. But thanks to the stock program, a photographer can get some attention and the chance to show his or her work. Furthermore it allows the photographers to have a better life because they can make money by it
— Massaran Diankoumba

Meet participating photographer John Kalapo

We are taught to create a scene and make a good composition, and we learned a lot, that I knew nothing about before. I learned a whole new type of photography. Stock photography is much more professional, because you are forced to get to know your equipment, and you need to know exactly what to do, when you are in the field
— John Kalapo

Meet participating photographer Aboubarcar Traore

I sell my photos through the stock program at an image bank and make money that way, and now I have been able to open up some beauty salons.That way stock photography has enabled me to give jobs to other people, so unemployment has actually decreased a little this way. Thanks to the beauty salons and my stock photography sales, a lot of things have changed to my advantage
— Aboubarcar Traore

Collaboration with Cadre de Promotion pour la Formation en Photographie

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A long term collaboration with the photography school, Cadre de Promotion pour la Formation en Photographie (CFP), situated in the city of Bamako, Mali, was realised with support from the Danish Centre for Culture and Development and the Embassy of Denmark, Mali. This collaboration was the starting point for a search for, and development of, an income-generating educational program that could help sustain both students and school. The collaboration lead to the creation of the Commerce & Culture Stock Program, generating more than 100.000 USD in sales.

When the United Nations In 2015 was launching the SDGs with Project Everyone, they did so with a campaign to share the global goals with 7 billion people in 7 days. This happened via global broadcasts, outdoor advertising campaigns, cinema ads, mobile partnerships and more. Images from our programme were among the officially chosen for the campaign and were singled out by the campaign team in press releases as "good education and economic growth in action"

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Commerce & Culture offers a number of individually designed workshops to local partners worldwide. The workshops teach local photographers how to produce images that can answer to the demands of the international market, giving them opportunity to expand their market reach and generate a stable source of income.


Sierra Leone

In May 2013 we went to Freetown to conduct a workshop for the most talented local photographers in cooperation with the National Photographers Union. The National Photographers Union has more than 10.000 members throughout Sierra Leone, many of them former combatant from the civil war. The overall purpose of the mission was to gather information about the photography industry in Sierra Leone and identify and analyze the market opportunities. The mission was made possible with support from the LO/FTF Council.



Since February 2010 we have been conducting various workshops in Bamako. The workshops have been a part of our ongoing educational and income-generating program for stock photographers in cooperation with the Malian photography school CFP Bamako. Through a continuous effort the Commerce & Culture Stock Program helps Malian photographers grow their own sustainable businesses. The program is supported by Danish Centre for Culture and Development and the Embassy of Denmark, Mali.



January 2014 we were invited by the Photojournalists Association of Kenya to conduct a photography workshop in Nairobi. The workshop was held at the arts and education centre PAWA254, Nairobi's unique social enterprise through which innovative professionals from diverse artistic fields explore their creative genius to foster social change. The workshop was part of the Kenya Photography Awards prize for young up coming photographers, and put a particular focus on developing their skills in photojournalism.


The Gambia

In May 2015 we went to Banjul, The Gambia, and conducted a week long workshop on visual storytelling with an emphasis on how to prepare and execute a photography assignment. Through theoretical teaching and practical assignments followed by sessions of teacher and peer criticism, the workshop trained the students in research, on location shooting, and editing. The workshop was offered in collaboration with Gambia Media Support and The Gambia Press Union.


Collaboration - Bamako Nights

Mali has a longstanding and strong tradition for photography, not least due to the photographers Seydou Keïta (Mali, 1921-2001) and Malick Sidebé (Mali, 1936-2016). Both of them are world famous today thanks to their contribution to the documentation of day and nightlife in Mali's capital city of Bamako during -and after the transitional period between French rule and becoming a sovereign nation.

The series Bamako Nights originate from a collaboration between Commerce & Culture - Africa Photography Network and students from the Malian school of photography CFP. The images can be divided into overall categories such as couples, half figure - male, full figure - female, interior et cetera. They serve both as a study in composition and narrative, and were later discussed and criticized among the students themselves, as part of the assignment. For those who haven't had the opportunity to experience Bamako by night, the images offer a unique insight into the city's nightlife culture, and in this sense, they also constitute an homage to the aforementioned local superstar photographers Seydou Keïta and Malick Sidebé.