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Images from the opening of Afghan Tales i Copenhagen Contemporary Art centre Nikolaj Kunsthal. Launched March 2014, the traveling exhibition Afghan Tales includes a diverse selection of more than 25 photographers, both male and female, ranging from internationally featured photojournalists to artists working in photography


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Images from our promotional platform for pan- african photography  African Photography Network .

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The Commerce & Culture Stock Program combines a complete educational program, workshops and online training with an opportunity to sell images to communication and advertising agencies worldwide. We hope that these few students’ stories and video vignettes give you a sense of what the Commerce & Culture Stock Program has to offer.



featured in our traveling exhibition Afghan Tales


Bacha baazi is the name of a cultural tradition of young boys, dressed as women, dancing for men as entertainment. The dancing boys are called bacha bereesh (boys without beards). A young boy will live in the keep of a powerful man and he will dress as a woman and dance for parties of men. Many times he will also be sexually exploited. Many years of war have caused a breakdown in Afghan society and an abuse of power by those in control. The tradition of bacha baazi has become increasingly more common and many young boys are kidnapped and abducted into the practice. Homeless children and orphans are especially vulnerable.

It is not easy to be a photographer in Afghanistan and you face a lot of problems. You are covering different stories, and if that story goes against some particular group, or some powerful people, then you are in trouble. It is the survival of the fittest, those who have power will survive.
— Barat Ali Batoor